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Our New Home Being Built !!!!!

Summer '02Here I am on my first trip to my new house since the construction started. We went out to the new 'hood to take some pictures before ground was cleared, and BAM...there was a foundation already!

I don't know much about construction or concrete foundations yet, but I sure know that I'm gonna LOVE playing in this backyard! It's just a matter of time before I'm out here heckling bad golfers....maybe even Daddy!

8/13/02 - The Second story is up and now we have a ROOF!!!!

9/1/02 - The siding & brick are up, the outside is nearly finished. Pretty soon I hope to have some pictures of the inside, maybe you can see MY room!

10/7/02 - Things are starting to rock now! The exterior is just about finished (except for a little door/window swap still to be made) and the inside is now wired for electricity and plumbing is in!!!! Here are some shot of me checking out various aspects of the construction

11/15/02 - Getting real close to move in date, walls are up and being painted, hardwood floors and carpets are going in. The Kitchen is just about done with appliances and everything.

5/1/03 - Moving in is over and we're finally settling down, so it must be time to add something. The first thing on the list is a deck. Construction has been slow going working mostly on weekend and evenings. Lots of thanks to Brett, Brad, Kris, Brian, Dad and everyone else who has stopped by to lend a hand on the build.

10/21/04 - Its been almost a year since the stairs were put up and the deck was finally finished, well, construction, painting is another story but now its on to something new. The BASEMENT. As of today its been just about 2 months since we started with the first board. Framing went up over several weeks and then came electrical & plumbing etc. As of today we have drywall up, mudded and primed and 300 sq ft of tile laid. Hopefully over the next week trim will go up, two coats of paint will go on and some carpet will go down and we can call this project finis!

12/8/04 - Here we are into the holiday season. The basement is finshed, with the exception of a few small touch ups, and WE LOVE IT!!! All of the toys went down and now we play in the huge open rec room space every evening after dinner. The theater has become a hit too, we started a tradidion of family movie night and now there's no need to wait in lines and pay buckets of money for bucket of popcorn. We can pop our own and pause the movie whenever we want.

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