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7/12/04 Summer of Fun

Ok, again, again, I apologize for the lengthy delays, there's soooo much to do with the pool being open, barbeques to go to and preparations to becoming a big brother! In all likelihood I will be an only child for only a month longer, Mommy is at 31 weeks and nobody is betting "plus-one" will hang out any longer on the inside than I did.

We, mostly Mommy & Daddy, have been very busy trying to get the nursery setup and painted, but I've even picked up a brush and jumped in where needed. "Plus-one" will be residing in a beach themed home, complete with boardwalk and a wacky sandal shaped rug. It’s Totally -Grooovy!!

My main concern these past few months is how much time I can get in at the pool. Our neighborhood pool finally opened this summer and I'm definitely addicted. They have a big "dada" pool and a little baby pool, but my favorite is the middle one, its "Zachy-sized" with a beach grade entrance so I can walk right in and it only goes up to about 3 feet deep, just enough to keep me on my toes (literally). I have a blast running in right past the giant mushroom shaped fountain and water jets and flopping into the water. I have all kinds of dive rings and dive sticks that I love to hold my breath and go get.

I also had a Birthday in the interim, #2 WOOHOO. We had a great party with all my friends (and their families) and all of my family too. It was Elmo themed including a giant Elmo face cake, thanks Grandma!

Lets see, what else, well, I’m getting more and more independent, even more so than before. And I have become very adamant about my likes and dislikes (even if they change minute to minute!) I will always tell you straight up “NO, I don’t want it!” if something is not to my liking, but on the other hand I am constantly working to perfect my manners, I am a big fan of “Thank Yous” when I am given something. I am also becoming quite the avid sportsman; I can turn ANY 2 objects into a golf club and golf ball. It helps that I got a golf cart for my birthday to make my play more realistic ;)

All in all summer is progressing nicely, we discuss the new baby coming, I get to listen on the monitor to its heartbeat, we talk about what we should name it (I was partial to “Daddy” for a while, boy or girl) and basically we play a lot. I just changed to a new daycare, Ms Rita and her family moved away (BYE, BYE! Miss ReeTa), so now I go to Happy Face, there’s so much new stuff to see and do there it’s a blast.

Well, I’m off to the pool, where’s my Shrek towel??? See you all there!!!!

3/28/04 Spring is Here!

GEEZ!!! It's been way too long to leave you all waiting on an update...so much to go over!

Well, since my last update, two HUGE life events. First, a trip to see Barney live on stage AND then, my first conscious Christmas!! The Barney stage show was amazing! We were only two rows from the stage, and at some points, the stage was RIGHT NEXT TO US!!! An 8-foot Barney only two feet from my face. Can you imagine my delight!?!?

Of course, then came Christmas...a visit from one of my very favorite characters."Ta-Da" (or Santa as mom and dad call him!). Christmas morning sure was something when I got to the bottom of the stairs and saw "Melmo" and "Hat-Hat" sitting there waiting for me!!!! We had a nice visit with all the family...three states in one day on Christmas!! Mom says next year we need a better plan!!

What else. Oh, I'm developmentally on target...still in the upper 80-90 percentiles for size and weight, but I think that baseline is getting less and less interesting. More importantly, I talk like MAD!! There is pretty much nothing that I can't relay in one way or another! Oh, and am I polite or what?!!? I say "please" and "tank you" and "bless you". I'll do "sorry" if I'm told to, but it's not terribly sincere just yet! I play every type of ball that's out there and can differentiate them all! Soccer ball, Golf Ball Game, "Baksetball", and even "bolleyball". I know all my colors, animals and their sounds, and can count to 13..yep, lucky number 13!!! I can sing "On Top of Spaghetti" with some prompting and LOVE when the "itsy-bitsy-spider" falls down!

I've taken yet another plane ride...this time south...to Myrtle Beach to visit Nanni and Poppop. I got to visit with my Aunt Donna too! "Hello Aunt Donna, I'm Zachary"... we practiced and practiced!! We did all kinds of cool stuff in MB, but most notable was the purchase of my own "Golf Ball Game" set...which I played constantly! We also took a trip to an aquarium where I was allowed to touch the skates!! I got my own stuffed Nemo too! Speaking of Nemo...it's all I watch in the car these days! Yeah, Daddy got a new car with a DVD player and much to Mommy's dismay, he let's me watch Nemo on my way to Miss Rita's house!

With the weather getting nice, I expect things to really pick up! We're going to the circus on Saturday if everyone is feeling better. Oh, yeah, that's probably worth mentioning...Mommy's been sick since January...something about a new baby coming...blah, blah, blah. I'm not that interested in it to be honest...so much other stuff going on!

Well, enjoy my pictures and see how independent I've become!! I'll see you all at my 2nd birthday party!!!

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